AT&T Hackathon 2019 (November 22nd till 23rd) – registration period ends.


How many members have a single team?

You are free to have a single member on your team or join another team at the event. Before the event begins, we will work the room to make sure everyone has a team.

I wanted to edit names of members.

No worries, we can make the changes for you at the event.

Can I bring to the hackathon any commercially available microcontroller?

You are welcome to bring any hardware and use any platform for the hackathon. The only restriction is that the code/app must be written at the event during the allotted time.

I would like to ask you if it is possible to use any platform for development of an solution for Hackaton.

Please feel free to use any platform for your application during our event. The key issue is that the app must be written during the timeframe of the contest.

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